Nobody enjoys being wrong. As time marches steadily forward, we forget our old assertions about certain elements of life. We let some philosophies fall to the wayside as we embrace new and interesting ideas. However, this adoption gives rise to us forgetting some old thoughts, the beliefs that we once might have held dear. Today I was challenged, indirectly, on twitter, by Tobi Lütke to “Write down your current opinion about the headphone jack in some kind of journal. Revisit it in a year. You will grow as a person.”

I really enjoy this perspective. Every now and then I’ve gone back in time looking through things that I’ve created in the past. I always find myself cringing at the younger version of myself. I see the majority of my past work as naive, superficial, or just weird. I try to see this as proof that I’m growing as a person. Over the last few years, since attending the University of Toronto, I feel like I have been catapulted forward. Every month comes with new revelations and lessons that I attempt to learn as fast as I physically can. With this in mind, I accept Tobi’s challenge, even though I’m well aware that when I do look back on this piece of writing, I will undoubtedly cringe.

Apple x Headphone Jack

Apple has just recently announced with their iPhone 7 that they plan on removing the headphone jack. There has been many an outcry from the community over this decision. The CBC gave a history lesson over the trusty headphone jack that we all came so used to. A comedic backlash came in the form of Apple Plugs which lambasted the company on simply removing an element of the iPhone. Many Youtube channels have joined in with College Humor’s video that the iPhone 7 is just worse. The overall reaction to this deletion has been quite negative, with a variety of memes cropping up to allow people identify with cartoon imagery over current events. However not all reactions have been quite so damning of Apple. Some argue that this is Apple pushing us into the future, forcing a necessary change on the industry. As the CBC noted, the headphone jack has been around since the 1880s, and it is kind of funny that we are relying on technology that is a century and a half old. Certain published pieces are celebrating the headphone jack’s death as a necessary step towards the future.

Now, what do I think? I think that there is going to be inconvenience for a while, especially with all those god awful dongles circulating that allows certain functionality to continue uninterrupted. My hatred of dongles aside, I believe that this is a step in the right direction. Apple is using their weight in the tech world much like a high rolling poker player uses their big stack to make change. Apple is putting the weight of their company behind them as they push the mobile industry towards a more wireless world.

Personally, for the longest time, I have wanted good wireless headphones. However, there were not enough options available for me to find any solution that fit my needs. For some models, the battery life simply didn’t cut it. For others, the controls or connections or sound quality was just too bad to endure. For any pair of wireless headphones that somehow passed the previous criteria, they all failed aesthetically or financially. I am not willing to part ways with large sums of money for a pair of headphones, because I’ll just suck it up and use earbuds instead. This is partly due to the fact that headphones go missing and my level of spending aversion.

I am happy that Apple is pushing the industry in this direction, and I am genuinely excited to get a pair of Air Pods for myself the second that I’m able to. I have been a fan of Apple for a while now, because I love quality. I really enjoy the ecosystem that they’ve build and the aesthetic that they have established with all their products. The price tag may be a bit much, there is no denying that, but I believe that the investment in quality is necessary.

Moving forward

I was recently inspired by a friend to keep up a weekly posting scheduled. I’m not sure if I can actually maintain this but I will try. These checkpoint type articles are actually really fun to write and I look forward to not only writing more but also going back and rereading them.