The best stories include nachos, right?

Whey curd start this story at the very beginning, two 20-somethings trading really cheesy puns. Or we could skip ahead to all the nachos we’ve shared, and all the “nacho cheese” jokes we’ve made. Instead let’s fast forward to February 14th, today, a day nobody wants to feel forever provolone. Despite being in a relationship, I am not with my girlfriend today and it’s low-key making me lose my rind.

We are separated by the Atlantic ocean, which, much like Swiss, is the hole problem. It obviously would make this day cheddar if we could spend it together, but that’s not how the chips fell. Instead, you feta believe I’m flying to London tomorrow to spend my reading week making up for missing Valentines Day.

I don’t have a gouda excuse, except for the fact that I need to graduate university this semester. It would be grate if I could just blow off my classes, but my hands are tied. Honest though, how can I be blue while I’m dating you. Next week will be legendairy for sure.

So Carly, brie mine?